"Storm Crashes" wearable print sz XL (S/S)

Original photography, prose, and design by Cole Seefus
Front: Printed DTG onto thrifted garment
Back text: daydreams of dancing to early Britney Spears, then maturing to the point where I could understand the humor behind Michael Myers as Austin Powers, though I wasn’t old enough to watch, so my cousins and I would sneak the VHS into my room after my parents’ lights went out, which was typically around when Spongebob was followed by Cheers on Nicelodeon, and from there it was an adolescence marked by the transition from Girls Gone Wild ads on late night Comedy Central to cleared internet browsing history, and just when I think I’m getting the hang of all these changes, Amy misses rehab, Malcolm tries a bad drug cocktail, and Chester defies gravity, so really all I’ve done in adulthood is tap my shoes wishing I could return to my childhood home, but the shoes don’t sparkle, and the road is littered with hard work without pay – maybe it’ll make sense when the storm crashes


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